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Joint manipulation and mobilisation

Reduce stiffness in joints

Joint Manipulation and Mobilisation, treated by MJB Physio, Selby

Back pain is often caused by the locking of a facet joint or nipping of a disc. For quick recovery these joints need unlocking and the disc needs to be helped to reposition itself to remove pressure from pain sensitive structures.

Cervical, thoracic and lumbar manipulation is the movement of joints to promote muscle relaxation, joint range of movement and pain relief and is often associated with a 'click' from the joint.

Through these techniques pain can be eased quickly and the individual can return to their normal activities. However no back treatment is complete without rehabilitation of the spinal musculature and at MJB Physio we can advise you of the best exercises to do to achieve this.

MJB Physio was trained by the manipulation association of physiotherapy in these techniques so you can be assured that you are being treated by a highly trained individual in these techniques.

Please contact MJB Physio or telephone 01757 210851 to discuss joint manipulation.

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