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Physiotherapy for soft tissue injuries

Soft tissue injuries can occur in many structures in the body, muscles, tendons and ligaments are amongst some of the most common.

Most people have sprained their ankle at some time and understand the pain and disability this can cause. MJB Physio can help decrease the healing time and improve the tissue function post injury through various techniques including ultrasound, massage, exercise rehabilitation whilst ensuring that the tissue is not permanently weakened leading to possible re-injury.

Many people leave soft tissue injuries believing they will heal themselves and then only look for treatment four or five months post injury when it has become chronic and is routinely limiting their performance. Although MJB Physio can help at this time, recovery time is much quicker if the injury is dealt with in the acute state.

Sports injury management

Early intervention speeds recovery and maximises return to sport or activity and ensures a good soft tissue recovery to prevent re-injury.

The rule is early MJB Physio intervention and advice to prevent a long period away from your chosen sport. Don't leave it too long or it will become chronic and treatment will take longer to achieve resolution.

Although the above statement hold true for all injuries it is especially true of soft tissue injuries. Let fifteen years of worldwide sport injury experience get you up and running again in the shortest possible time.

Please contact MJB Physio or telephone 01757 210851 to discuss your soft tissue injury and a swift recovery.

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