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Image of tape for taping injured parts of the body or for protection purposes

Reduces swelling and prevents re-injury

At MJB Physio we use taping techniques to protect and compress soft tissue in acute injuries. The most common injury where taping is used regularly is an ankle sprain but we also commonly use it in wrist and shoulder injuries also.

Protection is not the only reason to use tape, it may be used to facilitate the action of muscles and increase their proprioception or ability to function. These techniques are used in the latter stages of rehabilitation to maximise recovery and prevent re-injury, but can also help in the acute exacerbation of back pain.

As well as taping you, we are happy to demonstrate taping techniques which allow you to tape yourself prior to sport.

Value-for-money MJB Physio Zinc Oxide Trainer's Tape is ideal for ankle, knee, shoulder and wrist tape jobs. Also used by elite level soccer players to keep shin guards in place. Can be torn by hand for easy application.

When to use taping?

MJB Physio Trainer's Tape is ideal for the prevention and treatment of ligament sprains. It's a high quality zinc oxide tape at a value for money price. It can be used to re-inforce the supporting action of ligaments following a sprained ankle, shoulder separation, knee ligament injury or a wrist sprain. The 4cm width make it easier to apply to areas such as the fingers. Can also be used as a Patella Tendon strap.

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