Treatment available at Sherburn Physiotherapy Clinic

Physiotherapy for back and neck painInjuries to the spine occur for many reasons, gardening, lifting or simply bending forwards to brush your teeth. The associated pain of back and neck injuries can control your life. Slipped disc, sciatica or locked facet joint, however you describe your back pain, can be helped by physiotherapy.

Joint manipulation, exercise and acupuncture have all been recommended by NICE to speed up the recovery time from back pain.

MJB Physio is well trained by the manipulation body of physiotherapy (MACP) to assess and treat spinal conditions using manipulation techniques of the joints of the spine. These techniques produce the ‘clicking phenomenon’ associated with manipulation and help promote muscle relaxation, improve joint range of movement and decreased pain.

Manipulation is not the only technique MJB Physio use for back pain. Following the NICE guidelines, exercise is applied to maximise the speed of your recover from pain and injury.

Many clients who attend MJB Physio are amazed at how quickly they recover from the pain of debilitating back and neck pain. Through early advice and physiotherapy intervention there is no need to suffer in silence or simply function on painkillers, you can quickly return to your daily activities or sport painfree.

If you are suffering with back pain consult MJB Physio at the earliest opportunity to prevent a spinal injury becoming a chronic problem and leading to greater inconvenience in the future.

Remember, unlike other health professionals, MJB Physio don’t just manipulate your spine but also provide long term advice and strength training to prevent future recurrences of your spinal injury. Everything you need to recover from the pain and inconvenience of back and neck pain is available at MJB Physio.

Please contact MJB Physio or telephone 07803 139730 to discuss your condition, symptoms and treatment options.