Football, rugby, golf & other sporting injuries

Football, rugby, golf & other sporting injuriesMJB Physio treat all forms of sports injuries. As a keen amateur footballer, tennis player and golfer Matt Bowes understand the pain and frustration of an injury of any kind.

If you are participating at any level of sport from friendly competition to an elite athlete MJB Physio can help you overcome your injury and improve your performance.

MJB Physio have an in-depth understanding of the body and its biomechanical function and through this help you maximise you return to your chosen sport and can likely improve your performance through techniques you may not be aware of such as simple changes to your training regime to specific fine tuning of your technique and execution.

Matt has recently spent time with the USA’s leading golf physiotherapist and PGA tour players. If you have an interest in golf please see the golf fitness section for further information.

Remember the earlier you get treatment the quicker and more effective will be your return to your chosen sport.

With over 20 years experience in sports injury let MJB Physio help you.

Please contact MJB Physio or telephone 07803 139730 if you are suffering from a sports injury and need assistance.