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Customised foot orthotics and inserts

Correcting supination or pronation in feet

People's foot positions are either neutral, have increased supination or more commonly pronation. When a foot is over pronated it causes problems, initially at the foot but then increasingly through the hip and on into the back.

Foot orthotics or inserts, if moulded to fit the individual, can correct the over pronated state and return the foot to neutral position preventing the problems associated with poor foot position.

Clearly foot orthotics or shoe inserts, as they are sometimes called, do a lot more than simply support your foot arch.

Off the shelf inserts merely support the foot in its pre-existing poor position.

MJB Physio create individually fitted and moulded inserts that will provide a perfect fit between the soles of your feet and the inside of your shoes. The inserts support your feet in their neutral position to help avoid the stresses caused by your over pronated or supinated foot position.

Custom fitted orthotics and MJB Physio also provide total contact stimulation to sensory nerve endings to improve reflexes, balance and the posture of your body.

The unique material of the orthotics supplied at MJB Physio also cushions your feet and absorb potentially harmful shock.

When using orthotics supplied by MJB Physio you will feel some or all of the the following effects:

Common problems which can be help with foot orthotics

Foot position correction can also improve your sport through improved balance, muscle control and power.

Please contact MJB Physio immediately if you have painful feet/knees/hips or spine to get the best advice on foot orthotics and physiotherapy for your condition.

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