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Get fit for golf

MJB Physio offer golfers a unique experience in the treatment and prevention of golfing injuries which not only ensures injury free participation in golf but can improve both the enjoyment and ultimately the standard of your golf game.

St Andrews golf course

Treatment and prevention of golfing injuries

Training in St Andrews with the leading Canadian physiotherapist David Lindsay and Dean Walker (PGA Pro), MJB Physio have a specialist insight into the complex nature of the golf swing and how its extreme forces and range of movements can lead to injury and decreased performance.

Many people (non-golf playing!) believe golf to be a relatively sedentary sport but when you fully understand the forces associated with the golf swing it becomes clear why many individuals suffer an injury during play and why many continue to play with conditions which limits their swing or potential to improve their game.

MJB Physio will assess and treat your problem with a variety of conventional physiotherapy techniques. In addition to this, through the unique understanding of bio-mechanical movement associated with the golf swing, we will highlight areas that may be causing your injury or risk of injury.

During treatment you will gain much more insight into the cause of your injury and how you can prevent your injury from becoming a long term problem through the use of golf related exercise and stretching.

However this is not all we offer, there are several techniques which not only prevent injury but can actually improve your game. These techniques are little known by amateur players and even some top professionals. MJB Physio can improve your yardage and control throughout all aspects of your game from driving to putting and everything inbetween.

As a physiotherapist with a unique insight into golf MJB Physio will happily work closely with your club golf pro to maximise your golfing potential but more importantly will help to keep you on the fairway and not on the treatment table.

Golfer's Elbow (Medial Epicondylitis)

For example, patient X attended our Sherburn-in-Elmet physio clinic complaining about elbow pain, a common problem in golfers. So common it's given its own name 'Golfer's Elbow' (Medial Epicondylitis).

Treated with physiotherapy this condition will normally resolve it in the short term, but if the swing bio-mechanics are not changed it is likely to return. Many physiotherapists will not recognise this and fail to address the golf related problem, often associated with the grip, a crucial component of the golf swing.

Physiotherapy treatment in conjunction with a subtle change to the golf swing/grip and liasing with the golf professional gave long term resolution to patient x. This common problem had been leading to time away from the golf course, which of course is not acceptable.

Back Pain and Golf

Patient Y is a low handicap club player and visited our Selby clinic with long term back pain. Association between golf and back injuries is high due to the massive forces which are generated during the golf swing, commonly on the trail or right leg side in a right handed golfer.

Physiotherapy combined with golf specific exercises, and in this case specific warm-up, not only rectified these problems but also helped to improve flexibility, performance and control.

Golf Player Alert: Always warm-up

We mentioned warm up earlier, do you do warm-up? Evidence suggests most golfers do not complete adequate sport specific warm up and this leads to up to a sixty percent increase in the risk of injury.

Specific warm-up will improve your game. Even if you are pain-free, good golf specific warm-up advice can help you stay that way as well as potentially lowering you handicap. At MJB Physio we can instruct you into the essential components for a golf warm up to help maintain your fitness.

For health professional assistance with specialist insight into golf contact MJB Physio.

Please contact MJB Physio to discuss your injury and treatment options.

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