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Non-slip on ice or snow grips for shoes

Prevent slipping on ice or snow this winter with our easy-to-fit shoe grips.

Sandy Ice Grips, prevent slipping on ice or snow.

Matthew Bowes, founder of MJB Physio based in Selby and Sherburn in Elmet, has seen a rise in the number of clients attending his clinics with fractures and soft tissue injuries following slips and falls on ice and snow over the last two years especially in the older population.

Due to this he has researched products that allow individuals to maintain their independence and footing through the winter months and avoid the unnecessary inconvenience of pain and incapacity following a slip or fall.

Sandy Ice Grips are produced in Sweden, (where they know a little about snowy/icy conditions), they use a ceramic plate to produce hundreds of contact points on the sole of any footwear which provides a non-slip surface on ice or snow.

They do not need removing before entering shops or other premises, they are comfortable to walk in and can easily be attached and removed throughout the day as required.

As a company involved in the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries, MJB Physio believe that these soles could help in preventing a large number of possibly avoidable injuries over the winter months.

If you have any concerns whilst walking on snow and ice Sandy Ice Grip soles could help you avoid a serious injury.

Price £15.00 (plus £2.50 p+p.)


Temporarily out of stock.

This product can be purchased from MJB Physio, located at 3 Market Lane, Selby, on Saturday mornings between 9am-12pm. During these exclusive opening hours there is a qualified physiotherapist on hand to advise on all physiotherapy and rehabilitation needs

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