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Shoulder pulley for shoulder problems

Increase and maintain range of shoulder motion

Price £15.00

Frozen shoulder, adhesive capsulitis and impingement are all common shoulder complaints dealt with daily at MJB Physio clinics.

One of the main components of these conditions is joint stiffness, restricted range of movement and pain. In addition to this there is often a reduction in the strength of the shoulder primarily due to weakness in the rotator cuff muscles.

Shoulder pulleys are a low cost, simple-to-use device that can help increase and maintain range of motion in all planes of shoulder motion.

Used in the home, it allows patients to increase the gains made during physiotherapy treatment and helps speed the recovery and build muscle strength.

This product can be purchased from MJB Physio, located at 3 Market Lane, Selby, on Saturday mornings between 9am-12pm. During these exclusive opening hours there is a qualified physiotherapist on hand to advise on all physiotherapy and rehabilitation needs

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